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Operation Pipeworks spans more than 90 minutes of glass pipe blowing action, interviews with glass pipe artists, and behind the scenes access to the glass pipe world. Learn all about the world behind the glass.

Great Stuff in Operation Pipeworks

  • How Water Pipes, Spoon PIpes, Sherlocks, and Hammer Pipes Are Made
  • Interviews with Famous Glass Pipe Artists
  • The Making of the PHX Trinity
  • The Worldwide Glass Pipe Trade Show
  • Glass Pipe Art Show in San Francisco
  • On location in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Oregon, Humboldt County, and more.

A Few of the Glass Pipes Featured in Operation Pipeworks

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Operation Pipeworks: An Introduction!

There’s something about glass pipes. Papers and vaporizers all have their place, and acrylic bongs might glow under black light, but something about the beauty and functionality of glass pipes enhances the smoking experience in an unmatched way.

Every good toker has his favorite piece. Whether it’s a little spoon confiscated by your high school principal or your first big bong that stood guard in the corner of your dorm room. We’ve all got a special place in his heart for a special piece.

And we glass lovers have been lucky over the last 20 years, as the artistry of flame-worked glass pipes has exploded. Glass working geniuses like Jason Lee, Marcel Braun, and Mike Fro have stood on the shoulders of pioneers like Bob Snodgrass, and have taken the art to a whole new level. Thanks to them, we all win.

We were intrigued by this art and the culture around it, and were inspired to take two months to travel around, meeting up with these people, documenting how they make the pieces they make, to bring it to you, the glass pipe enthusiast.

The resulting DVD is 70 minutes long, and chock full of fun, covering the nuts and bolts of glass pipe blowing, the people who do it, the industry that has grown up around it, and more. We hope you like it.


Jason Harris said...

Right on - check my blog out for up to date paraphernalia laws that will effect you

sunflowerpipes.com said...

One of my favorite forms of art is glass blowing. It’s great that local artisans can eek out a decent living making beautiful, glass pipes, glass bongs and glass bubblers. It is also good for the collector of glass art to have nice functional art pieces that can easily be carried. Glass art is functional and fun and having a nice locally blown glass pipe is a great life accessory.

dentsinger said...

I ordered this video sometime ago and never got it. I wrote asking how it was sent and never received a response. Please respond before I take further action.

Catherine Tennant said...

The entire Operation Pipeworks series is hosted in the videos section on wwwGlassFeed.com if anyone wants to watch it!

niky bojy said...

Fantastic work man, keep your heads high you did it.
glass pipe

Alana Shaikh said...

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